I'm a Southern California gal, born and raised. I have a passion for writing meaningful, romantic stories about men and women who discover each other and find everlasting love. 

I read my first romance novel as a young girl, it was titled "The Silver Kiss" by Lynn Erickson. I still have the book and I've been hooked on romance novels ever since. How can you go wrong with a happily ever after ending? Well, my desire to read romantic stories grew into wanting to write my own. I imagined characters and their unique challenges and would jot down ideas, but that's as far as I got because I met, and married, my own real life hero. I put a writing career on hold to pursue a small manufacturing business with my husband. I learned a lot about making aerospace parts, driving a forklift, and bookkeeping, but my heart still yearned to write.

Writing is a creative outlet for me. At first I thought all I had to do was type the words and they would flow out, needing hardly any revision. Then I discovered that revisions were necessary because the words didn't always flow. I dreaded doing revisions, but the more I did them the more refined the story sounded. Now, I get excited to do revisions. I actually welcome them knowing that the story will be much better for it. Another part of writing I take pleasure in is doing research. I like my stories to be historically accurate. Writing is hard work, but I get to create and have my ideas turn into stories that hopefully will bring happiness to others. 

When I'm not writing, I delight in baking chocolate chip cookies for family and friends, and cooking experimental dinners for my husband who, thankfully, is willing to be my guinea pig. Most of the time I prefer to be outdoors, spending time in the garden during the spring and summer and in the winter participate in several outside activities with my dogs. I like to play board games, cards, domino's, do puzzles and even play adventure type video games similar to "Skyrim". . . my favorite.

I also make an effort to watch the sun set every evening. I feel grateful to experience a different "painting" of the sky, if you will. More importantly, it keeps me aware of my Creator.

I love animals, all  kinds, but I'm especially fond of my dogs. They bring tremendous joy to my life! 

At present I'm working on writing my next adventure! I find inspiration from my wonderful husband, and our beloved Labrador Retrievers.