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A Brother's Promise

                     2018 Gold Medal


                            - Global Ebook Awards 





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Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite 

When Ethan lies on his death bed after an accident, his last request is for Elijah, his brother, to marry and care for his beautiful young wife, Caroline. Elijah and Caroline had always had a loving sister-brother relationship but that is about to change; they are not sure what their role in this new marriage should be. We readers are given the opportunity to closely watch the developments and see the changes. There are side stories as well that will leave you with questions until the very end of the book. We see what it takes to run a ranch, acquiring and raising bison and cattle. The hardships are many, the romance is everywhere. A Brother’s Promise by Laura Mills covers it all and more in a beautiful manner with love scenes that are subtle and dialogue that is real. 

A Brother’s Promise has all the ingredients for a flawless book. There is plenty of romance; there is the picture perfect description of everyday life on the ranch in 1890; there are lovable characters that quickly won my heart and made it impossible to stop reading and tend to my chores. I found A Brother’s Promise to be the best book I have read in a long while, having all of the elements of a great historical romance. It was impossible not to like Elijah and Caroline and feel their joys, pains and love. If you like history from the 1890s and romance, this is a must-read. I give this book high fives and Laura Mills much thanks for a wonderful book.



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